Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Halloween

For those of you who watched the Halloween episode, all there is to say is...INTENSE... and cliff-hanger much??

All of the "liars" looked fabulous as usual, even on Halloween.


Aria Montgomery has an edgy, boho unique style. She rocks moto boots and roughed up leather with fun prints - and adds unexpected pops of colors and accesories.

Aria wears short, fitted and flowy dresses to show off her tiny waist

Look for fun quirky dresses, or unusual necklaces and jewlery.

More Aria-inspired fashion:


Her style is preppy, modern, and classy.

Spencer wears blazers, sweaters, and oxfords

She usually sticks to classic, tailored fem pieces.

Think bows, nudes, and girly yet menswear


Emily's style is tomboy, boho, girl-next-door and the simplest of the four, but she still finds ways to add cute surprises to her outfits.

Emily wears simple, quick outfits. She is usually in pants or jeans, or on some days in a flirty dress and sweater.

Stick to the basics, like denim, jackets, and simple tops


 Hannah's style is glam, sparkled, girly and bold. She is never seen without looking fabulous, makeup and all.

Wear sparkles, bows, and ruffles.

Don't even think about leaving the hosue without some tall heels...

Hannah inspiration:

Almost all of the girls on the show have a smokey-eye or fun makeup, so don't forget that.
Be sure to toon in on January 7th for the Season Premiere!

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