Sunday, April 7, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo

You've probaly seen the ads for this beauty product plastered all over magazines, but here is an inside look.

After trying a few of the Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow (what a mouthful), here is a quick review for those of you curious about trying it out.

First, there are many colors to choose from. Most of which aren't very subtle or natural, so don't purchase in hopes of a nice matte light shadow.

Tough as Taupe is one of the more subtle shades. The lighter colors like Lavish Lavender or Icy Mint are great as base layers. Bold Gold is a great when paired with a darker shade in your crease/on the corners.   

I just use my finger to patt/press and smooth the color onto my lid, I find using brushes just gets them gunky and sticky.

This product is on the more expensive side (about $7-9 for a tube), but considering they never crease after a long stressful day it is worth it.

To get as much pigmentation as in the picture featured above, you really do have to pile quite a bit on your finger.

After purchasing a few of these, I do recomend having at least one around and trying it out. They are great for traveling, seeing as you don't need a primer or brush. Go for a more natural color if you are skeptical at first. Have fun with it!!


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